Sunday, October 19, 2014

Great Long Run at Farmdale

This really is my favorite place to run. Right now it is absolutely gorgeous and smells like Fall, that smell that makes you forget all your stress and appreciate every step of that run you're taking.

I ran almost 11 miles, which is the farthest trail run I've done.

I ran by myself, but want to bring Jennifer to this tree I found which will be perfect for our systematic desensitization heights training!

I used to be afraid to run alone in this park, but as I get more familiar with it, I'm getting more comfortable. In fact, I'm realizing that to some people I am the scary one. One day I came up behind a guy poised on a mountain bike at the top of a hill and about scared him right down the hill before he was ready. Yesterday I shared the joy and mystery of the blue Chevy with a couple strangers. I think they questioned my sanity and perhaps their safety as I lured them off the trail. "You have to come a little closer to see it. Really, you have to walk toward the edge of the hill there. A little farther off the trail. Keep coming. You'll see it if you come a few steps closer." I didn't even tell them I had just peed by it. Luckily they trusted me enough to leave the trail (at this point I had run 8 miles and probably looked like I could be knocked over with a leaf, to be honest) and see this amazing spectacle!

I also tried taking a picture of the blue Chevy from below, but it's so high up, I'm not sure you can see it. You really just have to go see it in person. maybe Jennifer and I can start conducting guided tours to earn money for Hawaii. 

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