Monday, September 22, 2014

Cat Pee, a Hard Fall, and A Great Sunrise Long Run

This was a pretty good training week, in spite of a cat pee incident, a fall, and being short one short run. Since my Tuesday was booked from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., I decided to do my short runs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Friday, I was sore from falling on Thursday, so under the advice of my PT. I skipped that run.

On Wednesdays I usually try to meet my running group, Sole Sisters. I got off work a little early, went to the allergist for an injection, and decided to change into my running clothes in the restroom. I got completely naked, then got out my running clothes only to discover my bra was wet. And then the smell hit me. Cat pee!!! On my $60 Victoria's Secret bra. (I really love Victoria's Secret Knockout bras and bought four of them a couple months ago. I'm feeling frustrated because I'm losing weight in my breasts and am going to need new bras soon.)

I came home and ran three miles by myself here.

Thursday, I needed to do five, so I headed to Farmdale Park, my favorite place to run. My pace was a little faster than I normally run on trails, and I was feeling great. Then at about mile 5 I fell hard. I tripped and flew forward and hit the left side of my head pretty hard. I tried to catch myself with that arm and jarred my head, neck, and shoulder. The scariest part was my glasses flying off my face. It is a terrifying feeling when you can't see to find your glasses, even if it is in your own bedroom. Luckily, I found them, and they were fine, and I was fine. 

Friday I had physical therapy and planned to run three miles after. My shoulder and arm were too sore to do some of my PT exercises, and my therapist recommended skipping my run. I was fine with that. I headed back to Farmdale Saturday morning for my ten mile run. 

This was the hardest run I've done yet. It was harder than both of my half-marathons I've done. Running on trails is more exerting I guess than on roads. I really felt accomplished, and I've registered for a half-marathon there in a few weeks. 

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