Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marathon Training For Realz

OK, I finally feel like I am consistent enough with running and raising my mileage enough to feel like I'm doing something different than my normal routine. I'm really marathon training, and it is exciting!

This week, Monday was a rest day. My Tuesday run was approximately 3 miles. I ran inside on a track for 30 minutes because it was raining hard. Wednesday, I did four miles.

Thursday I did 3 with taped knees. I think the tape helped and want to try it again.

Friday was a rest day. Saturday I did 9.

I know that says 9.69, but here's the thing. Either Map My Run or my phone makes the Map My Run distance off. It always overestimates my mileage, so I try to add a little more.

Today is Sunday and I did the Stairmaster for cross-training.

I'm feeling great and ready to start next week's training with a day of rest tomorrow. 

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